Kaizen Central Members

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Nick Peters

Editorial Director

Giving UK manufacturing a voice.

+44 7986 764525

Adam Payne

Managing Director

Helping UK Manufacturers Shift Gears and Scale-Up.

+44 7814 670716

Barry Leahey MBE

Managing Director

We design, manufacture and install outdoor childrens playgrounds with distributors in 51 countries globally.

+44 7887 680118

Paul Brooks

Head of Manufacturing

Help UK manufacturers to grow internationally, save time and money.

+44 7715 088384

Jan Ward


Heat and corrosion resistant materials for critical industrial applications.

+44 7775 67366

Simon Fitall


Healthcare analytics, alongside strategic business development support for pharma/bio companies.


Bob Gibbon


Partner with busy, ambitious organisations to accelerate and amplify the fulfilment of untapped value.

Adrian Waine

Industrial Photographer

Market and promote companies by creating striking, eye catching images used to portray services and capabilities in the industry.

01513 563855

Angela Lawlor

Managing Director

Contingency planning and process mapping, working with manufacturers to increase their exposure within schools and colleges.

+44 7770 842682

Ben Rotheray

Managing Director

I work with clients to enable their firms to win in a digital world bu harnessing the power of technology to better serve and engage customers. The result, business for the future and resilient growth.

+44 7969 973114

Adam McBride

Data Analyst

We are a precision engineering company based in Norwich supplying to a wide range of industries including flow control, packaging, oil, gas and marine.

01603 721337

Sam Baynham


We connect innovators to their manufacturing supply chain. We are a digital hub helping ambitious manufacturing and engineering businesses find the best supply chain partners to keep projects moving.

+44 7773 033856

Rowan Williams


Marketing services for small and medium sized manufacturing companies.

+44 7872 530104

Leigh Howarth

Business Development Manger

Precision engineering multi-axis cnc sub-contractor of complex components for the defence, aerospace, motorsport/automotive, UAV and energy sectors.

Rachel Sparkhall

UK Sales and Marketing Manager

We manufacture polyurethane mouldings that enshroud high value products – medical devices, scientific & laboratory equipment, green technology and anything else that fits the criteria of needing to look super stylish, meets with all industry regulations and is looking for small batches.

+44 1234 358394

Stephen Murphy


I am a Six Sigma Black Belt and deliver continuous improvement projects and programmes within advanced manufacturing. I also sell Datalyzer software. Datalyzer has a complete suite of software for SPC, FMEA, MSA, CAPA and OEE.

+44 7521 449367

Sara Duff

Sales and Marketing Director

We help manufacturing businesses to streamline and automate their processes in the cloud to reduce costs, drive improved operational efficiencies and to support remote working practices.

+44 7514 701994

Raam Shanker


Our Vision: To make a better engineered world. Our Mission: Helping people excel at what they do. We offer mechanical engineering solutions, engineering led product development, intelligent manufacturing technologies, sustainably led design and development, and engineering driven innovation.

+44 7737 910413

Charlie Whyman

Chief Strategist and Momentum Builder

We know that marketing and business development can be frustrating and overwhelming at times – especially when you’d rather outsource it to others. We’ll help you prioritise, leverage and systemise your marketing and business development to create more clarity, confidence and freedom.

+44 7399 581907

Judith Hamilton

Business Consultant

Work with businesses to identify untapped revenue opportunities and work alongside them to turn those opportunities into income. Help businesses to get in to the nitty gritty of the finances, teach them what the numbers mean and show them how to use the financial information to grow the business.

+44 7724 711637

Richard Hagan


Crystal Doors manufactures bespoke vinyl wrapped items. Mainly for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom market selling B2B to UK independent retailers. The door frontals on a cabinet. Commercial markets include hospitals, schools, hotels, retail and film.

+44 7849 975344

Mark Weymouth

Managing Director

Experts in sensors, we will work to help you solve your applications, improve machine performance and reduce costs using Contrinex’s exception sensors – Let us help you #MakeSenseOfSensors

01215 822258

Duncan Peters


Novus was founded in 2018 by a small but formidable group of engineers, determined to enable a future of abundant sustainable fresh water, and reduce the reliance on plastic bottled water. Novus is building water purification technology for people all around the world.

Alec Anderson

Managing Director

Koolmill has pioneered a paradigm shift in cereal processing technology. Working with strategic partners globally to deliver disruptive, ultra low power cereal processing transforming an antiquated and wasteful global industry that feeds 3.5 billion people daily and changing how the world is fed.

+44 7967 126429

Nick Johns

Head of Digital and Advanced Manufacturing – UK

Technology, Software, Training, Services and Consultancy Provider to the Manufacturing, Construction, Architectural and Engineering industries.

+44 7765 405093

Hassan Khadra


Staff-sharing solutions – we link a company with under-utilised capacity to another non-competing business stretched for resources. This improves job security and staff & skill retention by avoiding redundancies; while offering access to a pool of reliable, flexible and affordable talent.

01242 907137

Tristan Bailey

Head of Development

Holdingbay partner with manufacturing companies to raise the quality and offering in website and applications. (also Cliff Notes Podcast Host)

Gill Rice

Business Development Manager

We are plastic injection moulders based in the North East of England.

01325 304104

Roy Haworth

Head of Digital Design Process and Implementation

Airbus designs, manufactures and delivers industry-leading commercial aircraft, helicopters, military transports, satellites and launch vehicles, as well as providing data services, navigation, secure communications, urban mobility and other solutions for customers on a global scale.

02392 704944

Richard Paxman


Manufacture and supply scalp cooling equipment for use with chemotherapy treatment to help prevent hair loss.

+44 7968 020641

Ravi Gidoomal


Inspiring Digital Breakthrough. We are EDGE Digital Manufacturing. We work with the real heroes of manufacturing who are pioneering the use of digital technologies.

+44 7968 020641

Kerris Crook

HR Consultant

HR Consultancy for manufacturing & engineering companies.

+44 7753 743468

Scott Howard

Sales Manager

Shares insight and demonstrates how manufacturers can accelerate their transformation to smarter and greener assembly and drilling solutions.

+44 7971 650556

Robin Williams


Employment law services for SME companies.

Helen Korndorffer


FlatKeys – Micro-biz manufacturing precision test tools & components for the music industry, keeping the music alive! We have in-house expertise in electronic circuit design & consultancy, pcb prototyping & assembly, enclosure manufacture.

Ales Litomisky


On-demand energy-saving dust/fume/mist extraction with saving 66% compared to conventional systems. By applying intelligent controls with sophisticated software, we at Ecogate make them work better (cleaner, quieter, safer) while using less energy. The Cleanest Energy Is the Energy You Never Use.

+1 818 506 6016

Julian Costley


Fabius is the corporate vehicle for Julian Costley’s angel investing and co-ventures.

+44 7711 685795

John Hardwick


Process improvement, manufacturing consultancy, coaching of manufacturing leaders.

+44 7920 568819

Melissa Mooney


Providing support and guidance to help small, medium sized and manufacturers build credibility, efficiency, systems and performance with ISO14001, ISO9001 and other standards implementation and maintenance, good environmental practice and improved legal compliance to thrive and grow.