Kaizen Central Membership

This is where participants in Kaizen Central register in order to receive the link to attend every Kaizen Central. Once you have filled out this form, you will be sent the link to the Zoom call – please copy and paste it into your calendar as it will remain the same – and your details will be entered into the private members’ hub for Kaizen Central attendees. We created this because some participants wanted to get in touch with each other to carry on the conversation.

It is also a very handy reference for new attendees to understand who is on every call. As we see increasing numbers of new faces, it’s good to know who we’re talking to.

The data you enter here will be used solely for the purpose described above, and for weekly updates on what the topic of the next Kaizen Central call will be.

There is a link to our privacy policy and our T&Cs at the end of the form. This includes the right to ask us to delete your name from the private Kaizen Members Hub page.